Out of 3

by pseudo

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released January 31, 2004

Bob Lucas - Drums
Tony Devenere - Bass
Mike Begorre - Bass
David Robertson - Sax
David Green - Guitar/Vocals/Other

Mark Shoemaker - Standup Bass
Chris Green - Guitar

Produced by David Green



all rights reserved


pseudo Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: The Quality Of Delicate
12:26am its tuesday I mean wednesday
hello... i am only saying hi because I need this so bad
how hard is it to hurt and know nothing?
how hard it is to know and hurt no one.
12:27am its thursday I mean friday
you know... I am only saying good bye because I need this so bad
and it seems that every time you tease me...
in your power I am lost.
Track Name: Between Sheets
the virus now has tasted me, and my heart controls this flavor
clean and wet kills dry and dirty (cashing in his royal flush dead hand)
well i'm not as lucky as I thought I would be (we guess that you'd like to be more free)
have the borrowing times left us this far behind,
that I don't know where to go?
to sleep with you (and what have you got left in your front pocket?)
how do I breathe?
between and underneath (how do you breathe?)
satin sheets (when do you bleed?)
now i can never see you
quiet sex or indecision
now i can never deceive you
I should call you later tonight
the virus now rejected me, and my heart continues bleeding.
Track Name: The Truth in the Morning
things are ok don't worry about being bored
i know you don't trust the light (but you can trust me)
feel the blanket wrapped around your cold sore
taste the bright snow and enjoy all the sight
(an afternoon melody)
this trance is security
i wish i could explain myself... however,
its a dance with purity I've never never understood
how easy is it to lose the night time in winter
there is an alternative: solution, confusion, emotion, polution, illusion, division
hear me call out the truth in the morning
impatience will break everything that you want (must filter out denial)
i want to be haunted by you (we share this sadness) depression
Track Name: Feeling Jason
can this be happening
why couldn't we hear you?
So this is what goodbye is like. What was all the fuss worth?
I wish this could be reversed.
i was so destroyed by you giving up on this life
while i was in the gruntruck with antony (our friend)
i heard you calling, and slip away into the fading light.
well i should care less oh i wish I could
one night in 99 you came over (to talk)
and you complimented me (so well)
i don't need to tell you that you should have stayed longer (but i want to anyway)
this is too easy to remember oh i cannot stop death
it is strange how subtraction adds to affection and desire
Though... less crazy, I am still confused (more than I've ever been).
i comission someone to estimate how much of this is hurting or helping me
speaking through strangers, sitting in red
there is no map to find his path... it finds you instead
you are free
crying (Who does this make you feel?) in the days of your death
we miss you
talk to me once again
Track Name: Perfectly Quiet
this maze i can't go through it I am leaving
without the polution i've been breathing
my stomach hurts... my heart burns the last remaining breath
the purity of disease... born in debris
the clouds cover the clear truth of the day 'the post dated statement'
if i starve most of my life... i will die full. Will time fast will I be in control?

sitting all alone in a room i feel.. your camera lens find a scar "we know all about you! Shut down! He's lost it"
bring it in to negotiate... 'calm him down before he can create... the will and testament we saw this check mate.

Playing a game on sunday afternoon thankyou for inviting me.
an optical concert... this last part turns to the past.
and what it meant to please the crowd... the sour field we lie in underneath my cloud.

feeling your gaze i want to do this... i am preaching
try to be good without me or my voice
Track Name: Raising the Resin
hello my son, i will teach you what is right (what is wrong)
i was here from the beginning to tonight
0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ,abcdefghijklmnopqrstuwxyz)
screaming loud "you will make me proud"
believe in my control I'll protect your soul
remove your sounds with horns of glory (don't watch movies that sell glory)
obey my gentle wishes and rise to my waist and live equal to me
i fell down below this sea (drowning with the resin fish)
can't i tell you what I want to be?
10 broken bottles thrown at your head
9 years of free will suddenly dead
8 choir girls stripped bare for you
7 i am raising the resin
6 i
5 will
4 teach
3 you
2 what
1 is
0 right
Track Name: Voices for You
it starts again... with you Mr. End
Crystal and I thought all should strip down (spin to the ground)
how's life? not bad, still feeling enslaved... erased.
don't believe that the profit has a cause for you (its just greed)
and they'll take everything they want from you (forget the facts)
can you believe that there's a fight to win? (i believe)
i wish that i could have been born without my tongue
late nights all cashed out on broken breath
undress you confess to infect your mind
tax my blood a little more
these people make it so easy to cease my will power
there is a deeper chasm within your stare (i think i'm going to be sick)
in which I'm spell bound
"and we are having a good time and its wednesday I think.
i remember the color of your dress... faded behind the sun
so tell me about space in reality and don't mind that you are a black hole"
while i am sitting down to relax
i feel the fire that kills my happiness
you tell me "to kill some time... and you'll be fine"
but when darkness comes I realize, my space rocket science and morphology is a smoke screen staged up terror ride
and I'm on the inside (the weaker tide)
this is the art of discovery (i don't wanna lose it you're gonna have to kill me)
i need it so bad you better kill me... fucking kill me.
You fool you think that i judged your favorite color but I'm only judging your temperature
sensing all the dialogue inside the top of my head hurts while waiting and I need to be cleansed before
disintegration, converted silence
this is manipulation
break it and now repair
Track Name: End of Line
Greetings Citizens of this planet... I come to you now
hand picked from a crowd... only 3 will we allow
blessed into your new religion
if you want to find a way and escape this cruelty
i want you to ruin me
i need you to ruin me
whats that sound? they can feel the shaking ground
and taste the end of the end of a prototype survival

We want you in the family, we want you in our blood.
tell me what are you gonna do?
I will hold back the truth (don't trouble your pretty little head) It is to protect you

a Giant 50 ft Robot (this world in my drinking glass soaked in the people's wine)
laser fingers on my left hand... End of line

if there was something I could do to change my evil ways
I would not do it for man
Track Name: Come whatever Storms
I'm a crazy soul... who struggles with control
don't make me face
just erase me through the rain
the lowest tunnel i will climb and escape up so high
i will depress until i know how to find you
come whatever storms
the wind is cold and dry 'a Blank stare' into the sky
but you break the pattern of the day to bring the color back in my life
lust in this machine. how do I clean? a tip from an old soldier
will i have the time to find out... who to choose?
Encyclopedia of names... that rhyme with her
I belong to you
Salt water lipstick... this prosmised has turned into a stoney sea.
are you lonely? cuz I'm lonely
You feel her
ignore the floods on the overpass
i have no time for eternity
a mist... defines the light inside
I wish I could refine myself inside you